Destination October 11, 2019


Cồn Hến (Mussel Islet) is a small islet raised by the silt in the middle of the Perfume River. The islet divides the Perfume River flowing through this section into two tributaries. The eastern tributary flows through Vy Da ward, and the western one flows through Phu Cat, Phu Hiep wards.

In the past, two drainage ditches in the middle of the islet gradually dried because of the raising of the Perfume River’s silt so Cồn Hến was called as “the land of dry islet”. With its unique formation and location, when Emperor Gia Long was seeking for an ideal location to build Hue Citadel. Con Hen Island was serving as the Green Dragon, one of the two sacred animals to protect the city according to feng-shui principles.

In Hue city, corn sweet soup is one of the most special desserts of local people as well as visitors. Although many places sell this dish, the best choice is still in Cồn Hến. Corn sweet soup is processed with sophisticated and clever techniques, and has no obvious origin.

Con Hen is also famous for its mussel rice. Mussel rice is better than mussel rice in other places in Hue. The most famous mussel rice restaurant in Con Hen is Hoa Dong.

Over the years, Hen Islet, Vy Da hamlet went along with many historical markers. Although there are a lot of changes and besides the new and modern urban areas, this place still retains its unique characteristics. Along the village road, there are still small houses with rustic beauty, green bamboo fence on both sides of the road, and there are children who are engrossed in playing together. How idyllic and peaceful it is!


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