Travel Safety Policy

Customers are recommended to read and comply with this Travel Safety Policy when using HRS tourism services.


  • Number of passengers must not exceed number of permitted guests on HRS boats
  • A list of boat passengers, including their names, dates of births and telephone numbers, must be provided to HRS prior to the departure
  • Passengers must not abuse alcohol and misbehave on HRS boats
  • Passengers are not allowed to smoke in the passenger compartment. When wanted to smoke, passengers inform crew members to get the ashtray and to smoke in front or at the back of the boat
  • Passengers litter in the designated trashes, do not throw wastes on board or onto water
  • Passengers are not allowed to utilize equipment and other items on boat without prior agreement with HRS
  • Passengers are not allowed to walk on the sides of the boat, put hands in water, or take careless actions that may lead to accidents or danger to their lives and other passengers
  • Children on board must be supervised by accompanied adult
  • Dogs, cats and pets are not allowed on board
  • Travelers are advised to wear comfortable outfits and use HRS’s slippers when traveling on board
  • Passengers comply to wear life jackets when crew members advise due to bad weather or when needed
  • Passengers comply the safety regulations and exit the boat, under instructions of the crews, when emergency cases happen

HRS may cancel its tourism services immediately if passengers do not comply with the above regulations and in that case HRS will not refund and will not hold any incurred liability.


  • HRS reserves the right to be compensated for damages to the boat and equipment on the boat caused by mistakes of customer or accompanying persons.
  • Damages and causes will be reported to customer within 24 hours. HRS will provide a formal quotation to customer listing the cost of repairing or replacing damages or lost items, including the time HRS cannot operate water tour services, and request customer to compensate.