About HRS March 13, 2020


Perhaps Hue is very dreamy, so the sunset in Hue is more romantic and special than anywhere else. Sunsets in Hue is a very beautiful and scenic event, worthy of marveling and cherishing. That is the moment when the sun gradually fades behind the mountain, the sky is from yellow to red, then the sun disappears, leaving the orange sunshine on the purple-blue sky of the night.

At sunset, Hue returned to a tranquil beauty. As the sun drops behind the mountains, its beams shine upon the glistening waters of Huong (Perfume) River, Hue appears as a watercolor painting... All magical process only appears in less than an hour, but bring full of feeling and emotion.

To admire that beautiful sunset, Emperor Dragon Boat is a place you should not miss. With a 360-degree open space, spacious and airy rooftop, you will be free to see the most beautiful moment of Hue. In addition, from here, you can also clearly see famous landmarks such as Nghenh Luong Pavilion, Phu Van Lau, Quoc Hoc Stelae ....

In particular, with 6 menus, more than 40 dishes, you will enjoy the unique cuisine of the ancient capital made from fresh local ingredients with the careful selection of talented chefs. There is nothing better than experiencing a meal with family or friends on the cruise, after admiring the sunse.

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