Culture & History November 04, 2019


Located by the Huong (Perfume) river, Located on Huong riverside along with Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street, XQ Embroidery Art Museum in Hue becomes the bright star alluring local people, tourists and art researchers, offers visitors a chance to explore and experience traditional Vietnamese embroidery craft.

Embroidery is the traditional craft with development history for many years. History of this traditional craft sticks to the spiritual history of Vietnamese women in the past. Dating back to the 1st century, besides the “Đền Nợ Nước, Trả Thù Nhà” embroidered flag in Two Trưng Sisters’revolutionary (Hai Bà Trưng), Vietnamese women decorate and refurbish their house by embroidered works, especially desire to show feelings and beautify themselves. In the early 90s decade, 20th century, Vietnamese silk embroidered pictures gradually reached the pinnacle of art. When the XQ company was established, the couple artists, Vo Van Quan and Hoang Thi Xuan took a new path for the craft by combining features of painting art and quintessence of traditional techniques which Hoang Thi Xuan succeeded from her family and created her own methods.

The XQ Embroidery Art Museum displays nearly 400 works of art, artifacts, photos, documents, various types of embroidered pictures, double-sided embroidered pictures, thread sculptures and other relevant artifacts. All of them are represented through three major themes: embroidery body, embroidery face, embroidery voice. Most of the embroidery works are doubled sided, still life, landscape, portrait, flower, and philosophy pictures. They tell stories about the history of the embroidery craft, the preservation and promotion of the craft, and the beauty and talent of Hue women.

Visitors to the museum also have the chance to talk to embroidery artisans to explore their craft, get a first-hand look at their embroidery techniques, and to see just how talented they are. With an outdoor exhibition area surrounded by gardens of flowers and a wide variety of trees, the museum also holds festivals and cultural events, such as Perfume River Water Processing and Hue traditional arts exchanges, organized every Friday and Saturday.

The establishment of XQ Embroidery museum has an impressive point, which makes the cultural space in Le Loi street tourist attraction. Nowadays, XQ silk embroidered pictures reach to art forms of music, poetry and painting. Through themes about life-death-hope-hidden belief and features of human conditions, the art of embroidery somehow brings the vision of our world in the image of music realm presented by traditional art.


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